World Champions

World Champions at the World Salsa Summit, one of the leading competitions in the world

Renowned Company

More than 50 dancers on the student team, 10 dancers on the Pro team, and 6 active Irôko Franchise teams throughout the world!

The directors
-Ernesto and Denisse-

Members of the professional company

Foto de Roseane Soares Sorrindo
Ignacio Pedra (Nacho)
Never conforming and always demanding more of himself, we all love him very much for his dedication and determination

Born in Argentina, director of the company "Sonando Fuerte" in which he participated in many competitions since 2010, managing to take them to be two times 2nd place worlwide and Argentinian Champions.
Because of his desire to go for more and improve, he traveled to NY to be part of our Iroko family in 2016. Now, he is here with us in Tampa, Florida.
Foto de Iolanda Flores Sorrindo
Belén Maggi
The one that is always ready and willing to help everyone, Belén as sweet as all the ice cream she eats.
From Argentina, she starts dancing Ballet and Jazz when she was 5 years old, trained in Stretching and conditionig until she knowed the Salsa world. After that she competed for 6 years in the Salsa Cabaret couple pro category, reaching the world podium. Trained in acrobatics, she teaches conditioning and flexibility, stretching us to our limits while making sure everyone takes care of their bodies. We are so proud of her big move to Tampa to join our Iroko family!
Foto de Roseane Soares Sorrindo
Ignacio Colón (Nachito)
From Puerto Rico / NY, the groups expert in heels and commercial dancing. He is always teaching us how to be more sensual and elegant. Full of energy and great camadrerie, he strongly believes that with discipline and focus everything is achieved.
Nachito started dancing when he was 4 years old and at 8 he had already participated in the first competition in the world of salsa. He was part of the group "Rompecabeza" directed by Jayson Molina and today he has been part of Iroko for 3 years. We are happy to have you in our family!
Foto de Roseane Soares Sorrindo
Zianna Otero
From Puerto Rico and NJ, the lover of bacon and fireball. She began to dance since the day she was born and always immersed in the world of salsa.
Zianna began to dance professionally in the company "Caribbean soul dancers", directed by her father, the renowned Ismael Otero. She is the queen of twerk, always trying to teach us (we will do it some day), with a big big heart!
We love having you in this big family!
Foto de Roseane Soares Sorrindo
Scott MacDonald
From Miami! He started dancing 10 years ago in College and that is when he got obssesed with dancing. When he finished College, he began to teach at Casa Salsa, carrying out a 7-year career where he managed to be an instructor and director of performance groups, it is undoubted that one of his passions is teaching.
Always defiant and wanting to go for more, he decided to join Iroko to move to the next level as a dancer. Scott is a great person and a great companion, we are happy that you are part of our family!
Foto de Roseane Soares Sorrindo
Jessica Montalvo
Representing Chicago and Mexico, Jessica started latin dance in 2010 in the Lane Tech High School club OLAS. In 2013 she joined Gifted Souls, the former high energy, hip hop/latin fusion company known for their creative productions. Soon after she joined Urban Vibe, Kachimbo, Omambo Ladies, and many others! In 2019 she competed for the first time and placed top 5 at the World Salsa Summit in the Semi Pro Female Salsa Solo category.
She's always looking for a new challenge, and Iroko is the next level! She found her confidence and passion onstage, and hopes to bring that to as many people as possible. Thanks for your great energy!!
Foto de Roseane Soares Sorrindo
Dan McGraw
Born and raised in the Philippines, he moved to Florida at age of 13 and began dancing at 28 in Tampa. His first On2 class was under Ernesto and Dan has been hooked dancing Salsa On2 ever since.
He previously studied at Universal Mambo Dance Academy and Santo Rico. In 2018 Dan founded the company "Sayaw dance" together with his wife Ireana and due to his desire to continue growing as a dancer and reach the level of the best in the world, he decided to join Iroko Pro and many of his students began to be part of the Iroko Student team.
Dan is the kindest person you can meet, always wanting to help others and being attentive to everyone. He's the warrior of the group !
We are happy that you are part of our family.
Foto de Roseane Soares Sorrindo
Jocelyn Balladares
A Fort Lauderdale native, started dancing Hip Hop at the age of 13. After her very first performance, she fell in love with the feeling it generated. However, she was very young and her uncertainty led her to quit dancing and start music - piano lessons were next. In 2013, she resumed dancing and Salsa became part of her life. She studied at Casa Salsa and competed as a member of the group "Melanie Castillo y Su Candela." Seeking more training and the desire to surpass her own skills, she then decided to enter Iroko.
Joce is a person who is always smiling, with a super positive attitude, and she shines when performing! Her stage presence is fierce! Thank you for giving us such beautiful energy, we are happy that you are part of our family.
Foto de Roseane Soares Sorrindo
Hector Lind
He is from Puerto Rico! (Also known as puertorican Tarzan).He started dancing in Philadelphia, breakdancing at 10 and salsa at 11. When he returned to Puerto Rico he completely immersed himself in salsa, training with Joe Salsarines and Simona Petric, director of "Sabor ajeno". He competed with them, winning national and world awards. 4 years later and already living in Florida, he heard about Iroko's audition and that’s when everything started again.
Hector is full of swag y puro sabor! And has an incredible voice. As he says "I sing about everything but there is nothing better than singing to God". We love you very much and we are happy to have you in our family.

Irôko Dance Company
Founded in 2018 and directed by two-time world champions, Ernesto Bulnes and Denisse Cambria, Irôko Dance Company currently holds the World Salsa Summit Championship title in the Large Teams Division. From the clubs of New York City to the stages across the world, Irôko Dance Company is known for its powerful, captivating choreographies, flawless technique, and rich fusion of Afro-Cuban and New York Mambo Salsa styles.

Ernesto and Denisse are committed to building a community of world-class, competitive dancers with explosive power, strong technical foundations, and the desire to constantly push the boundaries of Salsa as an art form. Just as the Irôko tree continually branches, Ernesto and Denisse train leaders who will pass on this knowledge as they continue on their dance journeys throughout the world.


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