with the World Champs

Have you always wanted to learn salsa or take your dancing to the next level? We have good news!

Learn with Ernesto & Denisse and their Iroko Dance Company in Tampa, FL.

Choose your level
Offering a variety of class levels to choose from— beginner to advanced, you are sure to find the right fit for your specific dance goals.
Learn our technique
Learn our technique. Learn the fundamentals to our unique technique that will take your dancing to the next level.
Footwork and Partnerwork
Our detailed classes will cover precision and agility needed to execute intricate footwork as well as teach you the connection required for flawless partnered patterns.
Be part of our growing community
We pride ourselves in our ability to attract likeminded individuals with the same passion for dance and community. Join in on the fun and meet great people on your journey through dance!
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